Smart Kustomer

Solution for consumer engagement into smart grid

This solution supports the distributors in its smart grid projects and deployment.

It can also be applied in controlling the energy efficiency in houses, buildings, condominiums and industry, joining energy points’ control meters, as well as water and gas. It sustains and organizes the M&V operations (Metering and Verification) in programs of Energy Efficiency in houses and buildings.

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The tool Smart Kustomer enhances the utilities’ smart grid by processing the information collected by the meters in formats of simple comprehension for the client and structured for the concessionary’s analysis – aggregating analytic possibilities throughout the process.”

Smart Grid + Relationships

It presents qualification of the clients’ consumption behavior, enabling to evaluate the impact of consumption reduction actions  and/or usage awareness actios carried out by utilities.

It supports planning for awareness actions and makes possible new products and services offerings by the utility.

This solution can also solve the problem of effective usage of the information collected during conceptual tests of smart grid. It allows  utilities to:

  • know the client,
  • segment properly the communication,
  • integrate the current business and
  • generate a model which guarantees the ROI of smart grid solutions.

It can be integrated to the current system through access gateways to the information collected and allowing the performed actions monitoring.

Intelligence of Energy Usage

The solution is composed by a group of resources that allows the Energy Efficiency audit to exert:

  • The generation reports of consumption behavior’s analysis and load curves of the measured equipment (e.g. in electric energy’s case) to the concessionary managers
  • Usage, behavior and usage behavior’s simulation awareness by the clients, allowing them to watch online the energy usage of their metered equipment as well as general metering
  • Accompaniment of metering and submetering equipment’s installation (installation and maintenance team’s actions)
  • Control over documents’ repository and auditable corroborations of carried actions (operation’s control and supervision)
  • The structuring of equipment’s usage and possession’s research (awareness of the client’s consumption profile)
  • Analysis of strategic, local and individualized vision of the clients’ metering’s results at specified intervals
  • Permission to access via web and mobile

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All the stakeholders must be involved and organized to build or update the energy grid aspects of quality, availability, infrastructure, standardization, interoperability, reliability and sustainability. Awareness of usage/demand, gains and comprehension of the clients must also be sought in a suitable way.

The courage of changing the relationship with the customer begins at the propose of smart metering their relative information of energy services. Measuring and sending these information to be processed and made available for the company together with the segregation for the customer’s motivation are the first challenge.

This product sorts the data generated by the consumer periodically instead of a single monthly information just for bills. It maps the active energy, reactive energy, current, phases, interruptions and violation information, etc.

Let us show the solution resources and opportunities, results and benefits for society and the energy and water business.