Building Solutions


There are many ways to build a better future to people, companies and, above all this, to our planet.

We frame problems and transform them in solutions. In order to achieve these results KNBS uses its top technologies, and expertise to leverage and improve the knowledge management, new processes, business which benefits to society in a general manner. Our products and researches, based on innovation and creativity are translated into results.

This is the way we want to help to construct a better future added to the  rationale behind our passion for technology.

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Smart Grid (intelligence in the network) with customer insight

In the commodity trade process, every part has commitments and contributions. In order to avoid waste and contribute to the planet’ sustainability we need to raise awareness on the importance of the economy of limited resources. The reduction of financial costs without reducing comfort is an individual challenge that should be encouraged. Energy,  water and gas companies,  are expected to participate and interact with their customers to actively develop this new way of acting.

Learn more about Smart Kustomer, a KNBS product to enhance engagement into Smart Grid and Energy Eficiency!

Creativity, research and solution development

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KNBS focus on understanding business situations and creating appropriate solutions for a cultural renovation and innovation on the shape and content of answers to be given to the market.

We build systems, data warehouses, elaborate training, do specialized consulting, build strategic and tactical plans and also apply them. All this, to achieve results, evolving and extending the existing vision and operation. Evermore we seek on involving people, leaders and if possible the community, to guarantee the continuity of established actions.

This is our way of applying Knowledge Networks (KN) to promote  Business Solutions (BS).

Você esta preparado para o novo?


Conheça mais sobre o jetio KNBS de fazer o futuro

Você esta preparado para o novo?


Conheça mais sobre o jetio KNBS de fazer o futuro

Video relationship: a real customer contact

Video Contact Center 2

How to improve and make a difference on customer service via a contact center?

The relationship is reduced by the client distance!

For this, we look for the closest contact with the client, an interaction in an effectively way, perceiving him (her) and  be perceived. Interacting “eye to eye” demands presence, being “live” answers this business question: a video relationship is the special tool.

To control this relationship (operational and management visions) the entire control of video contact center was created. It incorporates itself to the existing service, on the same way the chat was incorporated to the traditional call center. It generates all the operating indicators from the operational infrastructure, queue control (with attendance priorities), attendance management,  supervision and administrative visibility. This complete solution is available on this KNBS product, the Key Video Spot.

View the full product for Contact Center – Key Video Spot



conhecimento e estratégia

Field Researches:
Knowledge as strategy

How to follow teams in the field researches, how to manage productivity, how to audit to conduct research, how to build real-time results?

What kind of knowledge does your company need today to become more competitive? What are the critical gaps in information? How to achieve a deep understanding of your customers, competition and potential markets?

The answers to these and many others of strategic nature issues begin in field researches and can improve the competitiveness of an organization. To transform it to a more agile and flexible, to manage it better and facilitate further research and data collection in the field, KNBS presents Prospektor as a solution.

A model of business with the size of the necessity and field operation.

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Electric Energy Efficiency: It starts making people conscious

Telecommunications Market Business has been always full of opportunities and threats. The convergence of services, the regulatory changes, the mobile accesses to broad band, the evolution of the web communications, the continued technological advance and the entrance of new competitors are some of the factors that make many companies of the sector to undertake immense efforts to stay competitive.
KNBS, through a professional team combining experience and knowledge in the telecommunications sector, helps its clients to protect investment, reduce costs and business complexity, develop and make available, at the right time to market, new products, innovative and competitive services.

construindo e reciclando

Increasing the electric energy efficiency is one of the objectives of joining the companies of the electric energy sector, the Regulatory Agency – ANEEL – and the politically conscious and health-conscious population.

Actions like, the substitution of common bulbs by fluorescent ones, the program to substitute refrigerators conforming  standards of the distribution companies, the increasing use of solar cells by part of the population and many other options are interesting solutions. However they don’t solve the whole problem.

KNBS participates actively on the fight to overcome this big challenge and has developed an innovative solution, internationally recognized and awarded by United Nations, which contributes to increase the energy efficiency promoting the importance of recycling solid waste. The process mobilized and educated people to collect and separate the waste, helping consumer habits changing, looking for incoming generation and reducting regional nonpayment. An organization of socio-educational participatory process with preservationot the environment. This is the solution EcoAequo. Its application in different realities is our expertise.

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