Successful Cases


Our successful cases are examples of the way we act and interact with our clients, searching for innovative solutions to their businesses problems and making viable positive results.

ecoelceECOELCE – Program of exchange of recyclable waste by bonus in the energy bill of Coelce – it was one of the projects initiated by Coelce supported by KNBS via ANEEL R&D. Know the solution and some of its results.

As a result of this R&D project, KNBS offers to the market the EcoAequo solution.

Other successful cases with available solutions are:

Another important success case, concerning to consultancy services by KNB, corresponds to the assessment to British Telecom for PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) deployment in Brazil. Our client, British Telecom (BT), is the most ancient telecommunications services company of the world, it has been established since 1846. BT is one of the world leaders in providing telecommunications solutions and services, operating in more than 170 countries.

The results obtained by  British Telecom, by means of the KNBS consulting services were:

– Keeping the compromise with ANATEL;

– Making viable a business model adequate to get positive results starting with RFP through deployment planning and following;

– Instrumental capacitation by means of a flexible and evolutionary platform , adapted to the Brazilian regulations, and able to face the market challenges, allowing competition and the secure and stable establishment in the country.

Your company can become a successful case too. KNBS can help you to accomplish it.