Smart Kustomer – Technical Details

The courage of changing the relationship with the customer begins with the proposal of smart metering their relative information of energy services. Measuring and sending these information to be processed and made available for the company together with the segregation for the customer's motivation are the first challenges.

This product sorts the data generated by the consumer periodically instead of a single monthly information just for bills. It maps the active energy, reactive energy, current, phases, interruptions and violation information, etc.

“A customs change? Cultural changes with knowledge and application in Energy Efficiency - projects and implementation of smart grid?
It can also be applied in controlling the energy efficiency in houses, buildings, condominiums and industry, joining energy points’ control meters, as well as water and gas.”

The solution is composed by a group of resources that allows the Energy Efficiency audit to exert:

  • The consumption behavior’s analysis and meter load curves reports to the utilities managers;
  • Consumption overview and usage behavior simulation by the clients, allowing them to evaluate  on line appliances energy usage and residential metering information;
  • Audit and manage installation and maintenance metering and sub metering equipment team services;
  • Operational control and supervision audit with online document repository and work flow
  • Structuring appliances possession and energy consumption survey (awareness of the client’s consumption profile)
  • Strategic analysis periodic reports  per clients and regional metering evaluation grouped by different available parameters;
  • Permission to access via web and mobile

smartkustomer graph

Energy Information Management

Supervision and Verification Centre

  • Detailed information of energy consumption with established period
  • Installation’s management and maintenance
  • Equipment and consumption supervision
  • General monthly, local and familiar demand’s forecast
  • Management of energy usage knowledge and the clients detailed information storage
  • Maintenance and operational alarms organization
  • Sectored information directed to specific groups of clients according to their conditions of usage and energy availability/expenses


Via WEB and mobile:

  • Detailed information of energy usage
  • Appliances and consumption supervision – “appliances remote shutting down – internet of things”)
  • Monthly energy consumption preview

equipamentos em avaliação



  • Detailed information of energy consumption at industries (with or without being connected to the utilities)
  • Supervision of equipment, motors, pumps, etc.
  • Department monthly energy consumption preview


  • Detailed information of energy consumption at companies (with or without being connected to the utilities)
  • Equipment and sensors supervision
  • Department monthly energy consumption preview

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