Knowledge & Relationship

Fraud, Defaulting & Public Relations Management

Billing information, census and auditing data handling could be successful performed for the Energy Industry in order to get value added useful knowledge, allowing non technical losses detection, identification, classification and mapping on, as well as electric energy debt services default reduction and improvements in the customer relationship.

Analytics tools allow the generation and emulation of the specific regional conditions, broadening customer view, including his profile, evaluation, seasonality and endemic actions (prevalent in a particular locality, region, or people).

Due to the peculiar conditions of the general and regional social situation, local culture and the existing specific tools of each utility provider, modeling is always a solution research and challenge, extending the knowledge of the concerned business staff.  It should be organized as a multidimensional task, using convenient analytics  tools to manage the diversity of operational situations resulting from the application of new models or of the training needs of the  teams involved.

Evolutionary modeling techniques generate temporal and geographical series useful to follow, measure, classify and project future changes, extending the confidence of defaulting treatment and auditing actions, as well as a business rule data base for continuous operation.

KNBS is substantially contributing to the methodology, culture and analytics of the electric energy utilities aiming to manage the existing knowledge, enquiring about objectives and costs in order to broaden the utility effective action scope.

In this way, KNBS is leading R&D activities very much incorporated to the real operations of utilities such as CPFL, CERON, COELCE and Amazonas Energia (Eletrobras Group).

Used techniques include mathematical modeling, statistics, dataware organization and human resources development. They result in a new dynamic of audit actions sampling and choosing, demand forecast, metering substitution evaluation, inventory data bases consistency and quality of service estimation, fraud annihilation, technical improvement and training of the business staff, as well as social and relationship measures.


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