Developed to answer a specific business question of the electricity distribution sector ("How to comply with regulations while ensuring timely payments?), The EcoAequo - much more than a proven solution to the energy efficiency program - enables the creation programs for community relations and can be used by companies in the retail, service delivery and also by government.
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More than a proven solution to the regulated energy efficiency program, EcoAequo is a relationship community program. With its deployment the utility power distribution and other service providers (utilities) achieve several benefits, including reducing the number of defaulting consumers.

How does it work?

EcoAequo is based on a program of selective collection of solid waste and recyclables with market value.

The exchange of solid waste (recyclables) is performed through a value chain formed by the utility customers, waste management & recycling companies (colletion stations) and the utility itself.

The population takes the recyclable material to collection stations that act as collection agents and are responsible to delivery it to the Recycling Industry. In those stations the material is weighed and exchanged by bonus in the customers’ energy bill.

Technically this business solution is supported, by means of collection stations, using transaction register machines, associating consumers identification cards (or loyalty cards) to their bills. This information is transmitted to the remote Management System that enables control,  billing, administrateion, supervision  and audit the entire process.

The processing platform offers total security access to  the data. The transactions are organized and controlled. The operation interface is simple and intuitive to use, allowing the  extraction of  statistics, managerial, commercial and services data. The production environment is modular and allows the enlargement of the areas and service stations, as well as association of new collection companies.

Where and why to make EcoAequo available?

EcoAequo is a very interesting solution for utilities providers (as energy or water supply and sanitation), municipalities or companies that are interested in maintain a wide relationship with communities where they are in, while ensuring more timely payments for services provided.

How KNBS acts in this context?

The service and the operation performed by KNBS include the following steps:

  • Analysis of the business viability to strategic regions: this step is extremely important, because the solution is suitable to regional and typical characteristics  in the social, cultural and economic sense. The survey and analysis of the specific data of the target regions allow to plan with security the course of actions and the adequate resources needed to the successful deployment;
  • Planning and designing of the value chain and support to build  the partnership that make up this chain: this step allows raising potential partners, build and activate partnerships and, mainly, identify the best spots for colletion station deployment, based on the existing data and the experiences acquired through the real situations (historic of operational cases), also evaluating the economic data that makes possible a expected revenue.
  • Deployment and operation of the support system through a SaaS (software as a service) model: the business model based on software as a service allows the client do control the operational monthly costs, according to the size of the project to be deployed, without the need to invest in the acquisition of software licenses and allowing required grow or reductions.

Recognized and Awarded Concept

EcoAequo was born of an experiment that began in 2006, in partnership with Coelce, which is a ENDESA group subsidiary. There, it was  named ECOELCE.

This successful case proves the existence of many benefits along the value chain, giving back to the involved community, to the collection companies and to the energy providers. Elected one of the 20 international projects that will be part of the television series sponsored by the “United Nations Global Compact”, it was awarded by ONU – World Business and Development Awards. The award was delivered in New York at September 24th 2008, by the International Commercial Chamber, the International Business Leaders Forum and PNUD.

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