1 – Why EcoAequo is a program of Energy efficiency?

EcoAequo contributes to the creation and maintenance of an Energy efficiency program. It enables  an energy economy as the result of a recycling process applied to collected residues and the reprocessing of this material.  The extraction and posterior processing of a new natural raw material spends much more energy to produce the same result.

For each kind of material the potential of energy economy should be calculated following the data pointed by Dr. Sabetai Calderoni, of USP University, in his book “Os Bilhões Perdidos no Lixo” (The Billions Lost in the Trash).

According to Dr. Calderoni, the data of the economy  obtained in the process are:

  • Metal: 5,3 MWh/ton;
  • Glass: 0,64 MWh/ton;
  • Paper: 3,51 MWh/ton;
  • Plastic: 5,06 MWh/ton.