Urban Forestry Suite

  • Reduce the maintenance costs of the distribution network and the direct impact on the technical indicators of energy quality and supplying, DEC and FEC – preventing and avoiding incidents with tree falls and unwanted growing that could stop the complete network working;
  • Reduce operational costs in the Call Center;
  • Study deeper and work profoundly in the technical knowledge and in the necessary interactions with the environment;
  • Modernize and evolve its service;
  • Guarantee its contribution to the quality of the life of the population it attends.

Preserve the compatibility between the urban forestry and the electric grid while making the careful and correct prune of the existing species are activities that the energy distribution companies should perform in order to attend the needs of society.

The KNBS Urban Forestry is a system for the management and handling of urban forests and vegetation, by means of a previous construction of a geographically referenced inventory of the trees along the urban streets.

To construct the data warehouse, the attributes that qualify the state of health of each surveyed tree are raised, also determining its possible degree of interference on the electric grid.

This information can be used by the provider of energy distribution or by the public administration to plan the preventive actions relating to the prune or even to the removal of determined tree elements, Solid Waste, minimizing the interferences on the electric grid and contributing to the tree planting, care, and protection, and the overall management of trees as a collective resource in the cities.

It is a solution that allows the spreading of the environmental education and that makes viable actions of citizenship and social inclusion. The population can participate of this management and, certainly, do this with pleasure, as long as they feel that a better urban forestry contributes to a greater comfort in the urban space achieving a more agreeable clime and even a reduction of their energy consumption.

The solution is customizable to the regional reality, through visualization facilities and the possibility to create special reports to meet the needs of specialists, agronomists  and urban engineers, to the control and emission of service orders or to the integration with dedicated systems and to control the work of prunes and public services.

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