Field researches and data survey are important on helping organizations to better understand their markets, expand their capacity to create targeted enforcement strategies and strengthen their operational and delivery skills, increasing their competitiveness.

The strategy of teams performance verification and actions auditing and/or receiving online answers of field researches, as well as work already executed extends the competitiveness of an organization.

The Prospector solution becomes supervision agile and flexible, allows better management and facilitate the services inspection and results achievement.

The Prospektor was developed by KNBS aimed to facilitate the creation and real time modification of field researches, streamline the process of data collection, its process and analysis, and add control facilities of researches and team performance, also in real time.

It is a complete solution that uses mobile technologies, improving communication between researchers team and supervisors/managers, and allowing geocontrol of the operation.

The use of Prospektor allows smart management and effective efforts to collect data, increasing the efficiency of the research and checking where researchers are working every moment of their work.


The Prospektor allows:

  • The logistics of implementing prospecting and research planning;
  • The team organization  planning and register participants;
  • The handsets register that will be used;
  • To real time create and modify researches forms;
  • To manage each team agent and its spatial and temporal localization;
  • Controlling the research productivity by individual agent and by team;
  • Collect, transmit, process and analyze data in real time;
  • Generate reports with results filters, tracking and productivity reports;
  • Maintain a researches historical database.

Your company can use Prospektor without investing in equipment that make up the solution. For this, KNBS offer the solution in SaaS mode and provides the physical resources needed to data collection design.

If your company needs the solution intensively KNBS draws the entire project and provides the license to use, as well as the specification of the equipment required for operations.

For more information about using Prospektor in field researches and data survey contact us.