Key Video Spot (KVS)

In times of hard competition and questing for improvement in order to get enchanted the present and new clients, more and more the companies become conscious that the proximity with the clients and the quality of attendance in pre-sale and post-sale are key factors to guarantee the business success.

KEY Video Spot is a complete solution to Video Contact Centers with total control of relationship/attendance (operational and management features). KVS integrates itself with existing service, in the same way "chat" was incorporated into the traditional call center.
Generates all operational infrastructure indicators, queue control (with services priorities), attendance management, supervision and administrative visibility.

A high-tech solution, which increases the credibility of the services, customers and partners relationship, whether in pre-sales, sales and post-sales.

Some examples of its application are:

– Expanding the quality of post-sales, enabling the delivery of an advanced contact center, eye to eye with interaction, document exchange and fully manageable;

– Supporting and increasing sales by acting as a low-cost point of presence with features for explanation of doubts, negotiation and sales. Could be used as a demonstration kiosk of products that are on display in a remote centralized environment, operating with attendants trained for clarification.

The KVS is a joint offering from KNBS (reference enterprise solutions in knowledge management projects and differentiated relationship) and Schalter (reference company in equipment solutions for service) and consists of a set of hardware, software and services.


Video Call Contact Center Diagram

Using KEY Video Spot allows, depending on the features choice, the rise of sales and /or reduting of operating costs, and also increment customers and partners fulfilment.

The solution comprises:

  • Self-attendance terminals to video-conference (totems that can be installed in secure and customers high- flow environments, like malls, passengers transportation terminals, convenience stores and others). Totems bring onboard: video camera, microphone and speakers, as well as printer and scanner for document exchange;
  • VPN Communication Network over Internet, allowing a secure and low-cost communication;
  • Services integration and structuring of care, allowing interaction or integration with control systems existing service (current Call Center), with facilities for customer interaction, control and audit of attendance;
  • Control differentiated service queues with service priorities to segment and specialize care;
  • Control video packets, allowing institutional videos directed to the service location, filling the gaps between customers’ calls;
  • Monitoring and management servers to attendance and attendance stores, allowing administrative access, supervision and remote control, recording service and exchanged documents. KVS provides all the facilities to the standard management of a contact Center, including operational and management reports of operations and also satisfaction researches.

See a video attendance with Key Video Spot (KVS):

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