Management Team


KNBS Executive Directory is formed by professionals with solid history, technical experience, business experience in the sectors of telecommunications and electric energy, guaranteeing to our clients a high level of negotiation and the effective value aggregation, propitiated by high quality solutions and results proved by the market.

Carlos Alberto Fróes Lima, MSc – Director of Marketing and Products Development
José Ricardo Portillo Navas, MSc – Director of New Business Development
Loreno Menezes da Silveira, MSc – Director of Technology

General Manager:

Carlos Alberto Fróes Lima, DSc

Doctor on Energy Planning focusing on Smart Grid at Unicamp, University of Campinas, Brazil.  Has his Engineering Master of Sciences on Telecommunication Management and is graduated as a Bachelor in Computer Science also at Unicamp.  Has also his MBA at FGV, Brazil. As an entrepreneur he is involved with Intelligence to the grids and customer relationship, smart grids, Knowledge Management, Telecommunication and new utilities and regulatory facilities. He had worked at the Energy and Telecommunication markets during the past 28 years and conducts more than 30 R&D projects during the past 6 years by the ANEEL, FINEP and FAPESP Brazilian funding programs.  He has run social development programs as part of his business skill.